casing head spool

Economy and versatility were the reasons for creation of this medium to deep hole application equipment. Our casing head spool available for all pressure ranges in size 11” and above. The internal configuration of the our casing head spools are designed to accept the GC-21 manual casing hanger and type GCP primary or type our casing head spool automatic. Annulus sealing is casing load activated in the our casing head spool automatic. Line pipe thread, studded or extended flanged side outlets are typically furnished on this series of casing housings, however, other outlet preparation is available.

The type our casing head spool is usually machined to accept the type GLS stack-on type secondary seal assembly and type FF bit pilot, although internally suspended secondary seal assemblies are available. Lower flanges of type our casing head spool are supplied with a test port, complete with internal ball check valve, and bleed port to facilitate testing of primary and secondary seals. Supplementary bore protectors, test plugs, wear bushings and test plug assemblies are available for this line of housings. Many sizes and pressure ratings other than those posted below, including crossovers in the case of spools, are available.

Our casing head spool, is suitable for most casing string loads. The our casing head spool automatic is hinged for easy installation around the casing and is comprised of an outer slip bowl, internally guided slips and a sealing element that is energized by slip loading.Maybe you are also interested in casing spool assembly

casing head spool
casing head spool
casing head spool
casing head spool
casing head spool
casing head spool
casing head spool
casing head spool


Package: wooden case and suitable for International Seaworthy

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Product Name: casing head spool

Material:Alloy Steel

Working Pressure:2000 ~10000psi

Nominal Bore:11" ~21-1/4"

Working Medium:oil,natural gas,mud and gas containing H2S,CO2

Working Temperature : -46°C~121°C(Class LU)

Material Class:AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH

Specification level:psl1-4Performance Requirement: PR1-2

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API 6A forged steel casing head housing
Casing head and casing spool use standard design, and can apply to slip and mandrel type casing hanger.
• Casing head with Straight-bore Design
45°shoulder design with high load capacity.
• Casing head with Side Outlet Connection Form Pipeline thread side outlet
Threaded flange side outlet, design with VR plug.
• Casing head with Secondary Seal
Design with multi-structure secondary seals at bottom.
Installation can be performed on spot per different structure types, injection or non-injection can achieve seal.
• Interchangeability of Casing Hanger
Casing hanger design with standard profile Interchangeability between slip casing hanger and mandrel type casing hanger
• Connection Forms between Casing Head and Surface Casing
Threaded bottom type
Welded bottom type
Slip bottom type

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