Choke Manifold

The arrangement of pipes and special valves is called choke rings.In the drill hole,once the blowout preventer's area unit is closed,the mud is circulate through the choke manifold;in addition,the choke manifold is also used to manage the pressure in the whole kicking.In oil well testing, the choke manifold connected to the wellhead allows flow and pressure management of downstream inspection components. See choke, blowout preventer.



Package: wooden case and suitable for International Seaworthy

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Product Name: Choke Manifold

Material:Forged/Alloy stee

Working pressure:2000psl-20000PSI

Nominal Bore:2.1/16"~4.1/16"(46mm~103mm

Working Medium:oil, natural gas, mud

Working Temperature:-46°C~121°C( Class U)

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The choke manifold is support equipment of hydraulic BOP for controlling well blow out and well pressure Through the choke valve,perform well killing,replacing polluted slurry in well. Control wellhead pressure of casing and standpipe restoring mud to control pressure at well bottom to Stop over low. Through relief pressure, decrease wellhead pressure to perform“ Flexibility Shut Off Well”. Through drain valve,decrease casing pressure of wellhead to protect BOP stack. Furnished with hydraulic control pod to achieve the function of remote control.

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