FC FLS gate valve

FC and FLS gate valves feature a non-rising stem with a slab gate floating seat design to provide safe dependable service. They are available with flanged ends in standard bore sizes from 1-13/16" through 7-1/16" in working pressures of 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi. Gate Valves are available in both new API monogrammed and remanufactured - both are warranted for one year.
Full-Bore Thru-Conduit Design
1. Maximizes valve service life
2. Eliminates the collection of destructive particles
Floating Slab Gate and Seats
1. Produces a positive pressure energized seal
2. Body pressure equalizes across the seat ring/body bushing, eliminating body erosion in the seat pockets
Metal-to-Metal Seals
1. Body/bonnet interface, gate/seat ring/body bushing interfaces, body/body bushing interface
2. Gate and seat are overlaid with Tungsten Carbide
3. Valve bodies and bonnets are forged steel
In-line Reparability
1. Seat rings, body bushings, gate, stem and stem packing are easily replaced in the field
Metal-to-Metal Backseat
2. Allows for body pressure containment in the case of stem packing leak
Long Life, Low Maintenance
1. Simple routine maintenance program limits repairs, eases operation, protects against corrosion, and extends service life
Also Available
2. 5,000 psi wp gate valves
3. BSO (Ball Screw Operator) available on the 4-1/16", 5-1/8" and 7-1/16" 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi FC and FLS gate valves

FC FLS gate valve
FC FLS gate valve
FC FLS gate valve
FC FLS gate valve
FC FLS gate valve
FC FLS gate valve
FC FLS gate valve
FC FLS gate valve


Package: wooden case and suitable for International Seaworthy

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Product Name: FC,FLS gate valve

Material:Alloy STEEL

Working Pressure:2000PSI~20000PSI

Bore: 1.13/16"~9" (46mm~230mm)

Specification level:PSL1-4

Performance Requirement:PR1-2

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