Frac heads

Frac head is the equipment often used on frac tree and frac stack during fracturing work,Frac head is often in studded and flange end connections frac head are own various sizes and inlets used to tie multiple frac lines into the frac tree we can also design many type of the frac head as per the requirements.
Frac Trees - frac stacks provided by Sanmon Machinery equipments Co., Ltd.are strictly designed and manufactured in according with relative standard for severe fracturing applications, our fullbore opening trees are idea trees for harsh operating environments such as high pressure and high temperature,the main component - our frac valves were improved from FLS-R style gate valve which manufactured with the highest quality equipment.

Frac heads
Frac heads
Frac heads
Frac heads
Frac heads
Frac heads
Frac heads
Frac heads


Package: wooden case and suitable for International Seaworthy

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Product Name: frac head

Material:Alloy STEEL

Working Pressure:2000PSI~20000PSI

work temp:-18℃-121℃

material class:AA-HH

Bottom Flange size(in):7 1/16“~11”

product specification level:PSL1-4

performance requirement: PR1-2

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